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    "The Release Technique (Developed By Lester Levenson)...Is It The Next Big Thing Or A Bald Faced Con? I Reveal All In My Honest And Personal Review !

    Dear Friend,

    I promise you with hand on heart, every word about the release technique is the truth and MY own experience, I am not a writer or an internet marketer, so I apologise if my style is not polished and flawless; I am just like you, someone looking for answers on how to live a happier and meaningful life.

    But please do not believe or be persuaded by a single word I saytest and try everything for yourself...there are too many so called gurus out there asking you to trust them so they can sell you something.

    How am I qualified to write this?

    I have taken the:

    • Release Technique Abundance home study course
    • Programs home study Course
    • Goals and resistance home study Course
    • Time Management home study course
    • What will you do when you grow up home study Course
    • Camp Allen 7 day Abundance live retreat TWICE
    • Asilomar 7 day Final step live retreat TWICE

    Please click here to read my story in full

    What Is The Release Technique?

    The release technique is a simple way to eliminate worries, sadness, fear and in fact all negative thinking...and it's been proven at Harvard, Columbia and other esteemed centres of learning.

    The philosopy is really quite simple; happiness, joy, love, abundance and peace are our birthrights, our natural state is one of total bliss and perfection...connected to the vast universe; this is not something new, masters as far back as Bhudda/Jesus and before have told us this.

    So if that is who and what we are, why is life so much of a struggle for so many of us? It's because of our limited thinking, our distorted views of life, our negativity, our limited beliefs, our attachments, basically it's because of our ego. Our ego has us believing that we are NOT unlimited, abundant and perfect...our ego has tricked us into thinking that we have to worry and struggle and live these small lives...OUR EGO IS THE PROBLEM!

    How Does The Release Technique Help?

    The release technique shows us how to let go, 'release' our limited thoughts and beliefs and emotions, it shows us how to quieten the ego and that non stop internal chatter, so we can experience more peace and connection; it shows us how to stop being a slave of the mind. Rather than spend years meditating or on the coach of a psychiatrist, releasing actually helps us eliminate once and for all those things that bother us...our negative emotions and thoughts.

    FREE Report On The Release Technique

    To gain 'Immediate' Access - simply enter you name and email address below


    We respect your email privacy and promise to never sell, barter, pimp, share or rent your email address to any unauthorized third party

    Product And Retreat Review

    The Abundance Course CD set

    release technique

    Rating: 4 out of 5 stars:  release technique                       

    Website: http://www.releasetechnique.com

    Reviewer: Tam Sjorgen

    Price: $279

    Return Policy: 30 Day Hassle Free Money Back Guarantee


    The Abundance CD set was my first experience of the release technique and Larry Crane...as they say, when the student is ready, the master shall appear. I found the course very detailed and powerful, it triggered something within me...a knowing that this was it.

    • The course comes with 10 CDs which contain 20 audio sessions where Larry Crane personally guides you through the entire process of learning and applying the Release Technique.

    • The Abundance Course also comes with a 93 page release workbook to use with the audio CDs.

    • Also included with the course is ongoing and unlimited free telephone coaching support. This is invaluable.

    • Weekly, live teleconferences (held every Wednesday) hosted by Larry Crane himself. I personally found this component of the course invaluable to my own success using the technique. You get guidance, hear how others are doing using the technique and it helps keep you on track. I look forward to it every week.

    • You also get 5 free bonus CDs valued at $25 a piece ($125 total) 2 of these CDs are rare audio recordings of Lester Levenson himself. All of them are great and I find myself listening to at least 1 of them everyday. They really help to keep you focused using the Release Technique everyday.

    I have chosen to give it only 4 stars not because the content is not amazing, but because I am more visual and kinesthetic...and I don't find CD's as powerful as live events.

    The Millionaire Abundance & Health Mastery Retreat -
    Camp Allen Houston

    release technique

    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars:  release technique                       

    Website: http://www.releasetechnique.com

    Reviewer: Tam Sjorgen

    Price: $1595

    I was left wanting more after the CD course...so I decided to jump in with 2 feet and go to a 7 day live retreat! When I got to Camp Allen, just outside Houston, alot of people were surprised that I went straight into a 7 day, rather than first try the 3 day courses first; it just felt right going.

    This is exactly what I was after, an intense immersion experience and LOTS of practice, from 8:15am to around 10pm! And Camp Allen is great, very quiet and remote with lots of space.

    Being in a room with 240 other people, releasing, creates such an energy...and it's this energy that can really help shift your ego, so much so that some people dropped their bodies...incredible to be witness to...if I hadn't seen it, I might not have believed it. At times during the retreat, I had periods of incredible quietness and stillness...no mind; it was sheer bliss, I found myself just happy and loving...it was just that, a deep love.

    The days are structured around a mix of paired activities, group activities, listening to Larry and Lester on CD.

    The Final Step Retreat - Asilomar Monterey

    release technique final step

    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars:  release technique                       

    Website: http://www.releasetechnique.com

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    Tam Sjorgen

    Price: $1595

    After the retreat at Camp Allen, I booked myself onto the Final Step in Asilomar...it was an 18 hour trek to get there, but wow was it worth it! Asilomar is simply wonderful, facilities, staff, environment are just perfect, and the beach is about 45 seconds away, oh...the food is fantastic!

    The Final Retreat is more advanced than the retreat at Camp Allen, it explores some of the ego's deepest programs, like the fear of dying. I found myself alot more engaged at this retreat, alot more there and determined, and when I came back I was alot more at peace and balanced, I guess the momentum builds upon every retreat.

    The days are the same, long...with lots of practice sessions and time to release with others...this is always great as you react differently to each person and as a result bring up different parts of your ego.

    Pros of the Abundance Course and Retreats


    • Rid yourself of fear, which is holding you back from having everything in life.
    • Experience massive shifts in a short time by doing the retreats.
    • Be able to talk to other releasers and Larry's team at the events to help you in your releasing.
    • Camp Allen and Asilomar are beautiful places, especially Asilomar.
    • Get rid of failure habits that are holding you back in life, such as procrastination.
    • You can use the Release Technique anytime, anywhere to improve your situation.
    • Feel love any time you want it… with ease.
    • Learn how to trust yourself.
    • Rid yourself of worrying and spinning.
    • Access answers from your higher self, instead of being frustrated with old answers or no answers.
    • Rid yourself of the habit of beating yourself up.
    • Clear away the years of accumulated confusion.
    • Have abundant health, joy and riches.
    • Be in total control of your life with ease.
    • Have supreme self-confidence and a deep sense of peace and well-being.

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    For the first time she truly comprehended what it must feel like to be prey, run to earth and exhausted and with no hope of escape.

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  • Cons of the Abundance Course and Retreats

    • The price tag for the retreats is a bit high for those tight on money.
    • Each retreat is 7 days...not the easiest thing to put your life on hold for that period of time.
    • The Release Technique will have limited effect if not used on a daily basis. The power of the Release Technique becomes more apparent in your life the more you use it and only if you use it.
    • The Release Technique is very simple...perhaps deceptively simple. You must be willing to try something 'different' than you are accustomed to doing. Having an open mind is a definite pre-requisite to using this course successfully.
    • The food at Camp Allen is not the best you will taste

    Testimonials From Releasers



    Summary of Release Technique

    I cannot recommend the Release Technique enough, it's not something that can be explained or understood through words, it needs to be done and experienced...that is when you are connected to that deeper part of you, that eternal and loving part, you will change profoundly as a result.

    To really make those shifts and start experiencing the benefits, I would recommend the live retreats...they can seem expensive, but is there really a value you can attach to greater peace of mind, greater happiness, greater abundance and joy? We all spends thousands and thousands on how we look, what we wear, what we have...but very little on the inside us...the real us.

    If you have any questions, please contact me at Tam Sjorgren

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